Playboy TV Discount

Remember the days of the Playboy Mansion and the Playmate? Absolutely sexy, no doubt beautiful and what made her so appealing was that she was also very unavailable. Playboy, was unequivocally one of the most revered stables of soft porn out there. They have changed slightly, well, in fact they have changed a whole bunch. Playboy TV, has the same incredible women, except this time around we get to see them how we always wanted to. Naked, hot and having sex.

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The Playboy TV site itself is state of the art and what else would you expect from a top notch company such as Playboy? Their opening statement ‘Porn is Dead’ is food for thought. It seems as if they have suddenly cottoned onto the fact that porn takes two, or three or four, in order to make it work. What I am driving at is the fact that women will be just as entertained as men on this site to a large degree. They have sort of chats running regards latest topics, like swinging for example. What types of people swing, why they swing and then some radically hot footage of some Playmates swinging. Loads of lesbian licking and playing, which means double pleasure viewing.

Along with a special Playboy TV discount available, there is also a special Playmate tab, which is what Playboy is all about. The Playmates make the Playboy world go around. So, if you are obsessed with these gorgeous women, no doubt you will be delighted at all the extra information you get by being on this site. You will also marvel at the great photographs and footage of them too. Playboy has always had first class photographers and film studios and it is here that you get the full whack of how good they are.

Who Doesn’t Love Playboy TV, Honestly?!

The scenes are totally exclusive to Playboy TV, meaning you will not be short-changed by becoming a member to see a certain video then be angry that you can actually see it elsewhere. The updates are regular, the quality is impeccable and both download and streaming works to perfection.

Hot legendary bodies, super hot chicks in all sorts of hardcore scenes with males and females is the order of the day here at Playboy TV. So, you will not regret parting with your few bucks membership fee. It takes the stress out of wondering if in fact you will get what you are paying for. A little educational too, which is always helpful for any man wanted to get his rocks off more effectively. Playboy TV as usual is making sure they are breaking ground in the pornography world.