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Everybody loves to party; even the loneliest male Bukowski fan in the world has that fervent desire to hang out with hot chicks at night and lay it down low till the yielding of the sun. If you are among the people who love to sleep all day and party all night as Sean Kingston quotes, I would take it to mean that you are into a certain type of porn genre – the kind that is crowded, crazy and nasty. If you’re up for that kind of explicit entertainment, then the Dancing Bear discount is the deal you have been dreaming of.

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The history of the site goes a long way back in the ’90’s with a club of male strippers called The Dancing Bear. In 2005, the people behind the club decided to build their own virtual platform where both men and women can plunge into porn addiction anytime they want. And while the Dancing Bear specializes in porn starred by male stripping hotties, it is also a good shot for guys as it depicts women going crazy over licking the dicks of the many strippers, getting their asses fucked by those jumbo sizes, and doing some threesome madness pronto during a hot, sexy and whatever you wanna call it kind of “not-suitable-for-16-years-old-below” kind of party. As you can imagine, that is totally awesome!

Rather than presenting the basic stuff, Dancing Bear only serves premium types of videos that run in episodes. That basically means every party comes a back story where the conclusion either happens inside the Dancing Bear vicinity or down a group of lustful women’s block where they get to finish everything off in the sexiest manner possible. But eventually, they come back for more and why wouldn’t they, there’s a dancing bear discount now.

So far, there are 102 episodes for various party porn series. There are over a thousand videos that dates back from 2005, to date, for casual sex encounters that boil from party meet ups. You can also download the videos in HD or any quality you see fits best into your computer or device.

Get Down with the Dancing Bear!

Just so you know, the party sex videos by Dancing Bear does not talk about 7 to 10 crazily fuck-obsessed women. We are talking up to hundreds! Just imagine all that naked, ass, vagina and mouth fucked women swarming your screen. Ahh, a real slice of heaven for only 14.95 dollars a month!